What is Simply Free?

Simply Free is an annual praise and power experience sponsored by Branches Counseling Center and open to the public.

Simply Free is a free (get it) conference of healing and hope centered on the recovery stories of plain, everyday people like us. Surrounded by praise and prayer, testimonies of deliverance from addictions, depression, anxiety and brokenness inspire us to believe.

Simply Free is not a concert or a seminar. It is an experience. Simply Free is a collection of stories, testimonies of recovery and restoration by people just like you and me. It is interwoven by teaching and punctuated by praise but it is really an invitation to stand in the presence of God and become Simply Free.

Born out of a vision that God gave Doris Courtney, Simply Free has been a miracle weekend for many over the last four years. Men and women come from all over, but especially from Middle Tennessee, to experience the power of God exhibited in the lives of others.

Simply Free is October 23-24 this year at Family Worship Center in Murfreesboro. It begins Friday evening at 6:30pm and ends Saturday afternoon at 3:30pm. There is incredible worship music, great break-out sessions, powerful speakers, and the fellowship of hundreds of believers from all over who have gathered to experience the anointing of God.

While Simply Free is free, space is limited and hotel reservations (not free) need to be made. If you would like more information on Simply Free or would like to register, click here.If you would like more information on Simply Free or would like to register, click here.

A Word about Branches……

Branches is a non-profit, faith-based counseling center that offers both state licensed and pastoral counselors to hurting people without regard to race, religion, or economic ability. We address family and marital needs, depression and anxiety, addiction issues and a variety of other mental health and emotional distresses. Branches employs 12 therapists in 4 locations and sees over 700 clients monthly.

Our purpose is to be a Christ-led community of spiritual, emotional, and physical recovery and restoration for those broken by addiction, depression, and shame in Middle Tennessee and beyond.

Our vision is fourfold:

  • To be a center for biblically based support and recovery groups.
  • To provide Christ centered coaching and counseling.
  • To be a gathering place for recovery groups and individuals desiring to become a community of worship.
  • To be a training center for Christian counseling, coaching and other life changing ministries to the Body of Christ.

Our goal is to be reproducible


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